June 9, 2020

#4 Colin Elliot - Mercury Award Nominated Bass Player, Producer and Arranger discusses the origins of Yellow Arch Recording Studio, his philosophy of production and having your own sound.

Colin Elliot is one of the few producers I have worked with who seems to retain, for want of a better word (or words), a real natural, organic, vintage, human feel to the way he works. Here Colin opens up about his getting started in recording, his philosophy on production and why gear doesn't matter.

Admittedly, I've said this about all my guests, but Colin really is lovely human being, and I hope you enjoy this conversation!


Yellow Arch Recording Studio - 



Here are some links to the albums that Colin mentioned:

A Girl Called Eddy, A Girl Called Eddy - https://open.spotify.com/album/17hWPJk3A1jwPIFC5SILj3?si=q5pVLy0tScWsQhny-JD5CA

Tom Hickox, War, Peace & Diplomacy - https://open.spotify.com/album/2q2Lefoe2QZw4uGFtmoedu?si=fqjdhJ9tSG62bUlKrY5SgA 

A New International, Come To Fabulon


Dancing Years, Learn To Kiss




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